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 Now, you can compare musical instrument prices from major online dealers in one place. We also offer free consultations for buyers without experience in purchasing instruments. Simply fill out the price enquiry form, and we’ll find the best deals for you for free.

We are dedicated to discovering the best instrument prices that suit your needs. Leveraging our research and expertise gained from operating a music store, we strive to identify cost-effective options that provide value for your investment.

If you’re seeking information about musical instruments for a purchase, online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay may come to mind first due to factors like price and convenience. However, purchasing a musical instrument is a long-term commitment, and making the wrong choice can result in wasted money. Based on our extensive experience operating a musical instrument store, we recommend physically seeing and playing the instrument before making a purchase if possible. While offline stores may not stock all instrument models, the internet offers almost every model, often at lower prices due to free return options and the convenience of online shopping.

Apart from online marketplace platforms, dedicated online music stores, and large instrument stores with both online and offline presence, there may be offline stores with significantly lower prices that you might not be aware of. It’s strongly advised to consider purchasing instruments designed for beginners from reputable brands, as purchasing inexpensive instruments online may lead to regrets due to issues with sound or overall quality. Therefore, we only list prices from reputable manufacturers.

Have you ever wondered why instrument prices for the same model from different sellers are the same on the internet, making it hard to find lower prices?

When comparing prices for a specific instrument model on search engines like Google or Bing, you’ll likely notice that prices in almost all search results are the same. For instance, a search for ‘YAMAHA YAS-26 ALTO SAXOPHONE’ on Google shows all prices from different sellers as $2550.

This uniformity arises because all instrument dealers, as retail sellers who purchase instruments from manufacturers, have special agreements with these manufacturers. Dealers compete online to sell the same products at lower prices than their competitors to sell more instruments. However, to prevent excessive price competition that could devalue the brand, manufacturers enter into contracts with dealers to enforce a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), ensuring all adhering dealers sell the product at the same price. Violating this policy could lead to the loss of dealership, so most dealers do not list items under MAP. Yet, some online marketplace platform sellers do not follow the MAP policy, leading to significantly lower-priced items.

Some items may have high MAP prices, allowing dealers to offer them at lower prices if requested. However, due to the MAP agreement, they cannot advertise these lower prices online. Additionally, some sellers from foreign countries may offer products on online marketplaces at much lower prices. If warranty is not a significant factor, these instruments can be attractive choices. aims to help those without information on instruments find reliable models from trustworthy dealers. We provide links to purchase instruments from recommended dealers, and we can also send you an offer from our partner band instrument dealer.

For experienced instrument buyers with considerable knowledge, we can assist in exploring the possibility of acquiring instruments at more affordable prices without any recommendation on choosing an instrument. For beginners, we offer recommendations for carefully selected instruments based on our extensive experience in operating a musical instrument retail store.

If you don’t see a certain model, provide us with either the manufacturer and model number or the item URL if you already have a specific product in mind. We will then conduct thorough research to secure the best possible deal with the lowest instrument price for you. Once complete, we’ll create a customized report with a list of recommended options and post a secured web page only accessible by you. We can also refer to offline authorized dealers who may offer better deals than internet stores.

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If you’re starting with an instrument and are unsure about which model is the right fit for you, we can provide personalized recommendations to assist you in making an informed choice.

Our sample recommendation for a big saving:

If you are looking for the YAMAHA YAS-26 SAXOPHONE on the internet, which is $2,550 everywhere in 2023, we can help you find a better option. The YAMAHA YAS-280 is an almost identical model made for non-U.S. markets. It has a high# key and a better case, but the price is less than half of YAS-26 on Amazon.

This is sold by an international 3rd party seller from South Korea. The price is normal in South Korea, allowing the seller to sell at that price on Amazon, which means there is no problem with the item except the warranty. This item could be a great alternative for buyers considering the YAS26.

YAMAHA YAS-280 is almost an identical model made for Non U.S. markets and the price is less than a half of YAS-26 ( YAS26 ) on Amazon.”

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