How to maintain saxophones

Saxophone Maintenance

saxophone maintenance

Let’s talk about saxophone maintenance methods. Factors that can damage musical instruments can vary greatly. It’s not just about physical impacts like dropping or hitting somewhere, but also about scratches, dents, or plating peeling off, and if you neglect it for a while, it can get dirty with saliva, sweat, fingerprints, dust, etc. If an instrument is damaged and kept dirty, aging accelerates, shortening the lifespan of the instrument. 😢

  • Instrument Cleaning Method Saxophones are mostly made of metal, so if they are exposed to excessive moisture, they can corrode easily. Therefore, you must be careful not to let the saxophone touch water. After playing, use a dedicated swab to gently wipe the instrument with a special solution to prevent dust and sweat from corroding the instrument. If you use a regular towel, it can cause scratches on the instrument surface, so always use a #Instrument Cleaning Solution! For stubborn dust or hard-to-reach places, you can use a cotton swab with alcohol. #DisinfectantAlcohol, which is easily available at pharmacies, evaporates much faster than water, so unless you use an excessive amount, you can clean the instrument without causing corrosion. Additionally, if the keys are not well-maintained with a swab or a small cotton ball, the movement of the keys can become stiff, leading to faster wear and keys becoming loose. Applying a moderate amount of #KeyOil along with alcohol can help maintain the exposed saxophone keys much more stably. However, be cautious as excessive oil can cause grease stains and damage the instrument. Places that are hard to clean by hand, such as the saxophone neck and body, can be managed with a saxophone #CleaningCloth. The inside of the saxophone can accumulate saliva after playing, so always wipe it regularly to prevent excess moisture! Just basic maintenance should keep your worries at bay. 😊
  • Instrument Storage Method However, when using an instrument, some scratches or fading are inevitable. Still, protecting the instrument from being crushed is as crucial as possible. For safe instrument storage, you can use a #SaxophoneCase. Generally, it is divided into #SoftCase and #HardCase, but for the protection of the saxophone, we strongly recommend using a hard case. Since the saxophone case is in contact with the instrument for the longest time, please remove dust with a vacuum cleaner at least once a month and disinfect the inside with sunlight and drying. 😄
  • Seasonal Care Tips Usually, instruments have different maintenance methods depending on the season. However, metal instruments like saxophones are relatively less affected by humidity. Therefore, just drying and regularly wiping them should be sufficient. Nevertheless, if we have to be more concerned, in summer, remove moisture between the keys with paper, and in winter, when it gets dry, apply oil carefully to prevent surface damage. Well, we’ve learned about the cleaning method, maintenance, and storage method of the saxophone. In fact, everyone cherishes their instrument when they first buy it, but over time, people tend to neglect saxophone care. We hope you consistently maintain it with the methods you’ve learned today. Thank you. 😊

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saxophone maintenance

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Essential Saxophone Maintenance Accessories

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Saxophone Swab

  • This silk swab is for cleaning inside the saxophone. This is also good for cleaning the saxophone neck.
  • Kit includes the most common supplies needed for routine cleaning and maintenance of your instrument
  • This flexible brush / swab is good for cleaning the neck. Just use water and brush and dry with the swab.

  • This cork grease protects the cork on the neck.
  • This spray is for cleaning the lacquered body of the saxophone. May need microfiber cleaning cloth.
  • This alcohol base cleaning spray cleans and sanitizes fast. Just spray and leave the mouthpiece for a few seconds.

D’Addario Woodwinds Neck Saver, Alto Saxophone – RNSASX01

  • This neck saver keep the neck dry and clean.

Venture Woodwind Mouthpiece Brush

Use this brush to clean the mouthpiece with warm water.

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