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Instrumentprice.com by Instrument Consulting Group is a free web service for those who are looking to start playing a musical instrument. Whether you have no prior knowledge of instruments, your child is beginning to learn an instrument at school, and you’re unsure whether to buy or rent, or if you’re already an advanced musician with experience purchasing multiple instruments and seeking more affordable options, this site is for you.

Drawing on 20 years of experience working in and operating a musical instrument retail store, we provide purchase consultation services for instrument buyers.

If you already know the model name of the instrument you’re interested in, we can help you find it at a more affordable price than what is easily searchable on the internet. For those unsure about which instrument to purchase, we offer recommendations based on budget, skill level, and purpose. Our consultations are free, so feel free to use our services without any obligation, and we will do our best to help you find the instrument that suits your needs.

Feel free to let us know what instrument you are looking for without any pressure. If you’re unsure or don’t have a specific instrument in mind, simply fill out the form below with your information, and we’ll diligently research and send you the results via email.

When comparing musical instrument prices, we don’t have limitations on the types of instruments, but since we have more experience in the band and orchestra categories, we can provide more in-depth consultations in those areas.

Musical Instrument Price List

We also offer a musical instrument price list from major online sellers to facilitate easy comparison for potential buyers. We are consistently updating the list and hope that it proves helpful for our visitors.

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